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Fig. 1

From: The clinical significance of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in dengue fever patients

Fig. 1

Expansion of MDSCs in the178 DF patients. Thawed 5 mL peripheral blood samples from the DF patients and healthy donors were washed with PBS, stained with specific antibodies, and analyzed by flow cytometry. a Gating strategy for MDSCs (HLA-DR−/lowCD11b+CD33+) and the expression of CD14 on these cells. b Representative flow cytometry data from the non-severe DF patients, healthy controls, and non-dengue fever (NDF) patients. HLA-DR−/low cells were first selected from live PBMCs, and the CD33+/high CD11b+population was further gated as M-MDSCs. The boxed areas represent the percentage of M-MDSCs in PBMCs. c Statistical analysis of MDSC frequency in PBMCs of the DF patients (n = 178), healthy controls (n = 30) and non-dengue fever (NDF) patients (n = 20). Data represent median with interquartile range **-p < .001, *-p < .05

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