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Table 5 Meta-analysis of the class attack rate among TB students

From: Tuberculosis outbreaks among students in mainland China: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Subgroup analysisPrevalence (95% CI)Number of studiesHeterogeneity
I2 (%)p
Outbreaks classified by case number
 10 or more30.50(25.30,36.70)3866.00< 0.05
 Fewer than 1013.40(11.10,16.20)232.700.42
Type of outbreak school
 Junior middle school22.10(15.30,31.90)514.800.32
 Senior middle school21.80(17.40,27.40)4073.40< 0.05
 University or college25.00(18.30,34.10)1664.00< 0.05
Region where the outbreak school was located
 Eastern region21.80(18.00,26.30)4967.10< 0.05
 Central region22.00(11.70,41.30)579.70< 0.05
 Western region30.70(18.10,52.30)775.50< 0.05
Case-finding interval of index cases
 2 months or fewer22.00(17.30,28.00)2873.40< 0.05
 More than 2 months22.50(17.30,29.30)2466.20< 0.05
 Overall effect22.70(19.20,27.00)6169.00< 0.05