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Table 2 Characteristics of 1795 student TB patients in 107 studies

From: Tuberculosis outbreaks among students in mainland China: a systematic review and meta-analysis

CharacteristicNumber of casesPercentage (%)
Type of outbreak school
 Junior middle school1086.00
 Senior middle school110061.30
 University or college58732.70
 Data not reported484----
Region where the outbreak school was located
 Eastern region120767.20
 Central region27315.20
 Western region31517.50
TB classification
 Pulmonary tuberculosis157290.40
 Extrapulmonary tuberculosis (including Tuberculous pleurisy)1679.60
 Data not reported56----
Sputum smear
 Data not reported228----
Cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis
 Data not reported1402----
Students with LTBI who had received prophylaxis
 Treatment completed164568.59
 Treatment not completed75331.41
  1. ---- no data in the cell