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Table 3 Example Dataset

From: Interpreting HIV diagnostic histories into infection time estimates: analytical framework and online tool

Subject Date Test Result
Subject A 2017-01-10 AptimaQualNAT Positive
Subject A 2017-01-10 GeeniusIndeterminate Negative
Subject B 2016-09-13 UnigoldRT Negative
Subject B 2017-02-04 UnigoldRT Positive
Subject B 2017-02-04 GeeniusFull Positive
Subject C 2004-10-04 OraQuickRT Negative
Subject C 2005-11-05 CoulterP24 Negative
Subject C 2010-05-30 GenscreenV2 Negative
Subject C 2014-09-12 AmplicorPooledx10 Positive
Subject C 2014-09-12 BioRadWesternBlotIndeterminate Negative
Subject C 2014-09-18 ARCHITECT Positive
Subject C 2014-09-18 BioRadWesternBlotIndeterminate Positive
Subject C 2014-09-18 BioRadWesternBlotFull Negative
Subject C 2014-10-04 BioRadWesternBlotFull Positive
  1. Example dataset for the tool. Abbreviations used in the “Test” column are examples of the type of arbitrary abbreviations a data manager may use to label different diagnostic assays; these abbreviations are defined in the mapping stage, as demonstrated in this case in Table 4.