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Fig. 5

From: Differential expression and predictive value of monocyte scavenger receptor CD163 in populations with different tuberculosis infection statuses

Fig. 5

Relationship between sCD163 levels in plasma and disease severity. a Heat map of plasma sCD163 levels in patients with AFB sputum culture-positive PTB. b Plasma sCD163 levels were compared between 1+ and > 1+ groups. c Plasma sCD163 levels were compared between cavity (−) and cavity (+) groups, the cut-off value of 1260 ng/ml (dotted line) for the diagnosis of PTB was used as the threshold between sCD163 high (filled) and low (unfilled). Data are expressed as median with IQR and are analyzed using Mann-Whitney test. PTB, pulmonary tuberculosis; ATB, active tuberculosis; AFB, acid-fast bacilli; IQR, interquartile range

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