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Table 4 Poisson Regression Models for CAI with Non-Transactional Partners of MSM, Stratified by the Location Where Sex Occurred; N = 1341

From: Contextualizing condoms: a cross-sectional study mapping intersections of locations of sexual contact, partner type, and substance use as contexts for sexual risk behavior among MSM in Peru

 Home (n = 722)Hotel (n = 424)Sauna/Internet Cabin (n = 85)Public Space (n = 42)
CharacteristicPRaPR95% CIPRaPR95% CIPRaPR95% CIPRaPR95% CI
Education (<Secondary is the reference category)
  > Secondary1.061.240.600.580.42–0.81
Participant sexual orientation (Homosexual is the reference category)
Partner type (Stable is the reference category)
Participant alcohol use before/during sexa
 Yes – Not intoxicated1.191.040.81–1.321.241.250.83–1.890.840.520.25–1.091.52
Partner alcohol use before/during sex
 Yes – Not intoxicated1.261.170.91–1.521.240.970.64–1.460.961.701.09–2.672.662.651.41–4.98
Participant drug use before sex
Partner drug use before sex
Knowledge of partner serostatus
Condom conversation before/during sex
  1. CAI condomless anal intercourse
  2. Bold text = p-value < 0.05. Adjusted models include all variables with crude p-value < 0.20
  3. aNo is the reference value for all variables except Education, Participant sexual orientation, and Partner type