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Table 3 Crude and Adjusted Poisson Regression Models for Sexual Behaviors with Non-Transactional Partners of MSM; N = 1341

From: Contextualizing condoms: a cross-sectional study mapping intersections of locations of sexual contact, partner type, and substance use as contexts for sexual risk behavior among MSM in Peru

 Participant alcohol use before/during sex (n = 338)Participant drug use before/during sexb (n = 101)Knowledge of partner serostatus (n = 80)Condom conversation before/during sex (n = 154)Receptive/insertive condomless anal intercourse (n = 674)
Education (<Secondary is the reference category)
  > Secondary0.691.010.570.590.861.071.06
Participant sexual orientation (Homosexual is the reference category)
Partner type (Casual is the reference category)
Location where sex occurred (Home is the reference category)
 Sauna/Internet cabin0.911.170.980.911.320.691.061.10
 Public space1.241.051.421.891.131.000.900.88
Participant alcohol use before/during sexa
 Yes – Not intoxicated1.811.640.691.011.150.99
 Yes – Intoxicated3.351.851.130.931.331.21
Partner alcohol use before/during sex
 Yes – Not intoxicated18.317.41.790.880.870.961.231.21
 Yes – Intoxicated19.818.
Participant drug use before sex
Partner drug use before sex
Knowledge of partner serostatus
Condom conversation before/during sex
  1. Bold text = p-value < 0.05. Adjusted models include all variables with crude p-value < 0.20
  2. aNo is the reference value for all variables except Location where sex occurred, Education, Partner Type, and Participant sexual orientation
  3. bDrugs include: marijuana, cocaine, poppers, methamphetamine, and heroin