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Table 3 Pairwise comparisons of log odds ratios for yard, neighborhood and outside neighborhood spatial scales. The pairwise comparisons result from analysis of variance of the fitted linear mixed effects model, which included fixed effects of spatial scale and publication year and random effect of publication. Differences are the value for the first spatial scale, minus the value for the second scale (e.g., neighborhood minus outside neighborhood). Ratios are the odds ratio for the first spatial scale, divided by the odds ratio for the second spatial scale

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of tick-borne disease risk factors in residential yards, neighborhoods, and beyond

ComparisonDifference in log odds ratiosStandard error of estimated differenceZ valueP valueRatio of odds ratios
Neighborhood versus outside neighborhood0.70.22−3.170.0022.01
Neighborhood versus yard0.450.21−
Yard versus outside neighborhood0.250.12.610.0091.28