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Table 4 Estimates of extra LOS attributable to HCAI of subgroups

From: Estimating extra length of stay and risk factors of mortality attributable to healthcare-associated infection at a Chinese university hospital: a multi-state model

 Crude extra LOS aMSM extra LOSSE95% CI
Patient characteristics
  < 65 y14.863.070.53(3.06, 3.16)
  65+ y16.001.100.62(1.03, 1.14)
  Female12.011.740.77(1.71, 1.84)
  Male16.223.070.56(2.97, 3.08)
  Medicine16.724.491.00(4.15, 4.54)
  Surgical19.345.440.73(5.43, 5.56)
  Pediatric11.423.801.18(3.77, 3.87)
  Psychiatric6.951.270.51(1.23, 1.29)
  Chinese traditional medicine14.782.641.79(2.56, 2.78)
  1. aDefined as the difference in mean LOS between patients with and without HAIs