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Table 3 Estimates of extra LOS attributable to the types of HCAI

From: Estimating extra length of stay and risk factors of mortality attributable to healthcare-associated infection at a Chinese university hospital: a multi-state model

 Crude extra LOS aMSM extra LOSSE95% CI
HCAI14.722.560.42(2.54, 2.61)
BSI17.213.921.60(3.90, 4.18)
UTI13.630.340.75(0.29, 0.42)
SSI32.6814.883.49(14.57, 15.19)
LRTI13.092.660.48(2.65, 2.73)
  1. HCAI healthcare-associated infection, BSI bloodstream infection, UTI urinary tract infection, SSI surgical site infection, LRTI lower respiratory tract infection
  2. aDefined as the difference in mean LOS between patients with and without HCAI or a specific type of HCAI