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Table 1 Workflow comparison simulating high-volume CT/NG testing (n = 376)*

From: High-volume workflow and performance comparisons for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae testing using automated molecular platforms

System Hands-on time (hr:min:sec) Number of interventions Time to first result (hr:min:sec) Number of specimens at first result Total turnaround time (hr:min:sec)
cobas 6800 system 01:11:37 8 02:53:00 94 specimens, 2 controls 07:45:26
Panther system 01:09:53 6 03:28:29 3 specimens, 2 controls 10:47:30
  1. *Utilizing the cobas CT/NG for use on the cobas 6800 system and Aptima Combo 2 on the Panther system
  2. For the Panther system, continuous loading results in an additional 5 results every 5 min