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Fig. 2

From: Estimating the impact of a novel drug regimen for treatment of tuberculosis: a modeling analysis of projected patient outcomes and epidemiological considerations

Fig. 2

Simulated impact of BPaMZ regimen on status of South African TB cohort and RR sub-cohort over time. Scenarios modeled are: (a) standard of care baseline (including conventional DR-TB regimens for those found to have RR-TB, and HRZE for all others; top row), (b) introduction of the novel regimen for patients known to have RR-TB (middle row), and (c) introduction of the novel regimen for all patients (with duration dependent on the DST result if rifampin DST is performed; bottom row). The percentages along the right edge of each panel show the fraction of the cohort in each state 30 months after onset of TB (with fractions < 2% not labeled)

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