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Table 1 Case-patient timeline

From: Pneumonia due to Pandoraea Apista after evacuation of traumatic intracranial hematomas:a case report and literature review

Dates Relevant Past Medical History and Interventions
  No particular medical history
Dates Summaries from Initial and Follow-up Visits Diagnostic Testing Interventions
Day 1 5 days history of muti-injury caused by high falling; coma; status after removal of traumatic intracranial hematoma and decompressive craniectomy; fever Body temperature: 37.6 °C;
Blood pressure: 165/79 mmHg;
Glasgow Coma Score: 1 + T + 1;
White blood cell count: 17.1 × 10E9/L;
Neutrophils%: 90.6%;
hsCRP: 209.70 mg/L;
PCT: 0.38 ng/ml;
pO2: 117 mmHg;
pCO2: 31.4 mmHg;
X bedside photography: Exudative changes in the left lung, left rib fractures.
Antibiotic regimen:
meropenem 2 g IV, 8 hourly and vancomycin 1million IU IV 12 hourly;
Symptomatic treatment
Day 3 Left lung infection Body temperature: 38.2 °C;
Cranial plain CT: Changes after craniocerebral surgery, multiple intracranial hemorrhages, subarachnoid hemorrhage;
Lung CT plain scan: Patchy consolidation in left inferior lobar, left rib fractures
Day 7 Patient got better after treatment Body temperature: 37.4 °C;
White blood cell count: 12.3 × 10E9/L;
Neutrophils%: 89.5%;
hsCRP: 6.7 mg/L;
PCT: 0.12 ng/ml;
Blood culture: No bacteria growth after 7 days’ culture
Day 8 Pandoraea Apista was considered as a colonization Sputum culture: Pandoraea Apista (identified by MALDI-TOF MS)  
Day 11 Infection in both lungs; new confirmed infection in right lung Body temperature: 38.0 °C;
White blood cell count: 20.5 × 10E9/L;
Neutrophils%: 95.2%;
hsCRP: 194.4 mg/L;
Lung CT plain scan: Patchy consolidation in both lungs
Day 12 Physicians got the information from the literature that Pandoraea Apista may be resistant to meropenem but sensitive to imipenem Body temperature: 39.2 °C;
White blood cell count:22.1 × 10E9/L;
Neutrophils%: 93.6%;
hsCRP: 260.7 mg/L;
pO2: 67.2 mmHg;
pCO2: 39.2 mmHg;
Antibiotic regimen changed to imipenem 1 g IV, 6 hourly and vancomycin 1million IU IV 12 hourly
Day 14 Patient died