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Fig. 5

From: Intracranial actinomycosis of odontogenic origin masquerading as auto-immune orbital myositis: a fatal case and review of the literature

Fig. 5

Reexamination of imaging studies. ac T1w MRI scans from 2 months after the initial presentation show (a) a soft tissue mass in the left infratemporal fossa (arrow), with (b) decreased signal intensity in the left central skull base (arrow) and (c) a low signal intensity in the left cavernous sinus (arrow). df T1w MRI scan performed at a later stage revealed (d) resolution of the lesion in the infratemporal fossa (arrow), but there is bilateral enlargement of the cavernous sinus (arrows) and involvement of the pituitary gland on the coronal post-gadolinium T1w scan (e) and the T2w Scan (f)

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