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Table 3 Genotype with the four assays for samples for which discrimination between G1 and G6 was not possible with the VERSANT LiPA assay

From: Comparison of Sanger sequencing for hepatitis C virus genotyping with a commercial line probe assay in a tertiary hospital

Sample number Genotype
VERSANT LiPA assay 5’UTR sequencing CORE sequencing NS5B sequencing
HCV066 1b or 6 NI 1b 1
HCV067 1b or 6 1b 1b 1b
HCV068 1b or 6 1b 1b 1b
HCV069 1b or 6 1b 1b NR
HCV070 1b or 6 1b 6 6
HCV071 1b or 6 1b 1b NI
HCV072 1b or 6 6 6 NR
HCV073 1a or 6 NR NR 1
  1. NI sequence not interpretable, NR not realised (short sample)