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Table 1 Case definitions for scabies using the 2018 IACS Criteria

From: Prevalence of scabies and impetigo in the Solomon Islands: a school survey

Criteria Category Used in Survey
Confirmed scabies
 A1: Mites, eggs or feces on light microscopy of skin samples No
 A2: Mites, eggs or feces visualized on individual using high powered imaging device No
 A3: Mite visualized on individual using dermoscopy No
Clinical Scabies
 B1: Presence of burrows Yes*
 B2: Typical lesions affecting male genitalia No
 B3: (Typical lesions) and (typical distribution) and (itch) and (contact history) Yes
Suspected Scabies
 C1: (Typical lesions) and (typical distribution) and (itch) or (contact history) Yes
 C2: (Atypical lesions) or (atypical distribution) and (itch) and (contact history) Yes
  1. * If burrows were identified, individuals were also classified as either B3, C1, or C2, as these were not confirmed with dermoscopy
  2. A diagnosis of scabies should only be made if other differential diagnoses are considered less likely than scabies.