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Table 2 Summary of study events schedule

From: Evaluating respiratory cryptosporidiosis in pediatric diarrheal disease: protocol for a prospective, observational study in Malawi

Study event Study day/Interval
Inpatient Outpatient visits
(Week post-discharge)
Admission Every 2 weeks Discharge 2 4 6 8
Informed consent X       
Inclusion/exclusion criteria X       
Demographics X       
Medical history X X X X X X X
Vital signs X X X X X X X
Physical exam X X X X X X X
HIV rapid test +/− HIV DNA PCRa X       
Relevant investigations
(e.g. CXR, FBC, blood culture, etc.)
+/− Only if clinically indicated
Induced sputum for microscopy, Cryptosporidium qPCR, and multiplex testing X X   Xb Xb Xb Xb
NP swab for Cryptosporidium qPCR for first 100 subjects only X X   Xb Xb Xb Xb
Stool for TaqMan array X X   Xb Xb Xb Xb
  1. aWill be performed on all infants < 18 months who are positive on rapid HIV test
  2. bSubset of those positive on sputum/NP swab or stool for Cryptosporidium PCR on admission