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Table 6 Significant changes in colonization status during follow-up

From: Changing face of Candida colonization pattern in pediatric patients with hematological malignancy during repeated hospitalizations, results of a prospective observational study (2016–2017) in shiraz, Iran

  Frequency Percent a Valid Percent b Cumulative Percent
“No colonization” to “colonization” 10 7.4 50.0 50.0
Change to “colonization with other candida species” 7 5.1 35.0 85.0
“Decolonization” c 3 2.2 15.0 100.0
Total 20 14.7 100.0  
  1. a. From total colonized cases
  2. b. Calculated from those in whom colonization change were detected
  3. c. Negative culture on two occasions at least two weeks apart