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Table 3 Prediction rules and guidelines that could be used for validation and SBI considered for each rule in the original derivation study/ at development

From: Performance of prediction rules and guidelines in detecting serious bacterial infections among Tanzanian febrile children

Prediction rule/guidelines SBI categories considered
Meningitis Pneumonia Bacteremia UTI Typhoid Cellulitis/ Abscess Bacterial gastroenteritis Leptospirosis Intracellular bacteria Other
Bleeker a      Osteomyelitis, Ethmoiditis
Thayyil a      Any positive bacterial culture from an otherwise sterile site
Lab Score b a     
Rotterdam fever modelc a    Osteomyelitis
NICE    Osteomyelitis
AAEP    Osteomyelitis
  1. aBacteremia only
  2. bPyelonephritis was defined as positive urine culture and positive DMSA scan
  3. cAdmission to the hospital was a pre-requisite for definition of SBI