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Table 2 Review of published S. moorei literatureaand one case from our hospital over the past 12 years

From: First case report of bacteremia caused by Solobacterium moorei in China, and literature review

Case no. Age (y),Sex Symptoms Underlying disease Complication/Focus Treatment Surgery Outcome Reference no.
bacteremia1 67, M unconscious, feverish, unstable hemodynamic state, severe hypotension and atrial fibrillation multiple myeloma Not reported cefepime no Recovered 11
bacteremia2 43, F fever, chills, and rigor associated with vomiting, lower abdominal and anal pain, and watery diarrhea Acute Proctitis and Carcinoma of the Cervix Not reported Piperacillin-tazobactam no Recovered 12
bacteremia3 37, M pain in his right groin, fever, rigors and vomiting intravenous drug use Femoral vein thrombophlebitis and septic pulmonary embolism penicillin and metronidazole no Recovered 13
bacteremia4 43, M fever, anemia, diarrhea, and general malaise and was complainingabout a toothache. lymphoma and a kidney transplantation Not reported benzylpenicillin and metronidazole no Recovered 14
bacteremia5 66, F fever and fatigue non-small-cell lung carcinoma meningeal carcinomatosis, septic with low blood pressure, pulmonary abscess cefuroximeand gentamicin firstly, and then changed to meropenem and metronidazole, ciprofloxacin and metronidazole finally no Not reported 14
bacteremia6 64, M fever and signs of gastrointestinal atony colon cancer and complicated abdominal surgery septic with low blood pressure cefuroxime and metronidazole no discharged from hospital 14
bacteremia7 33, F fever, headache, and skin numbness intravenous drug abuse and hepatitis B thrombosis of the left femoral vein and an abscess cefuroxime firstly, and then changed to benzylpenicillin and metronidazole no Recovered 14
bacteremia8 77, M fever, dry cough, and general discomfort and had been complaining about a toothache ischemic heart disease and cancer of the prostate Pneumonia, hypotension benzylpenicillin no Recovered 14
bacteremia9 61, M fever, cough, expectoration, dizziness, headache and fatigue, serious halitosis TTP, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, rectal cancer and brucellosis Pneumonia, persistentcoma, accompanied by intermittent convulsions vancomycin and meropenem no discharged from hospital present case
wound infection Not reported nine cases of surgical wound infection with mixtures of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria involving S. moorei Perforated appendix, ventral hernia, diabetes mellitus, intravenous drug use Left thigh Spontaneous abscess of 3 wks’ duration, Abdominal wound abscess, right axilla Furuncle, Abdominal wound infection, Perirectal abscess, Infected pilonidal cyst, Right thigh abscess, Pilonidal abscess various antimicrobial regimens yes Recovered 10
  1. aSummary of the nine cases of Solobacterium moorei bacteremia and nine cases of wound infection reported in literature