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Fig. 3

From: A dynamic model and some strategies on how to prevent and control hepatitis c in mainland China

Fig. 3

Simulation of the sum of not hospitalized infectious Ia(t)+Ic(t) and hospitalized infectious T(t) with all parameters, 2α=2×0.0162=0.0324,2δ=2×0.1=0.2,0.1β2=0.1×0.0246=0.00246,0.1ρ2=0.1×0.87=0.087,0.1β1=0.1×0.0223=0.00223,0.1β3=0.1×0.022=0.0022,2σ=2×0.0272=0.0544 from the seventh column of Table 2, respectively, when one parameter takes a specific value, the other parameters take the value of the seventh column in Table 2

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