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Table 2 Univariate analysis of SFCs to ESAT-6 or CFP-10 (numeric variables)

From: Quantitative investigation of factors relevant to the T cell spot test for tuberculosis infection in active tuberculosis

VariableMissing dataMedian (interquartile range)aSFCs to ESAT-6SFCs to CFP-10
N(%)SRCCP valueSRCCP value
Age, years0(00.0)53.0 (36.0–66.0)− 0.1020.054− 0.107b0.042
Body mass index, kg/m26(1.7)19.1 (17.6–21.2)0.0300.5650.0130.801
Duration of symptoms, days0(00.0)90.0 (30.0–496.3)− 0.0730.1650.0250.630
Hemoglobin, g/L0(00.0)118.0 (105.0–134.8)0.0340.5180.0160.765
Platelet, ×109/L,0(00.0)258.0 (191.0–320.8)0.173c0.0010.186c<0.001
Platelet distribution width, fL0(00.0)14.0 (11.7–16.2)−0.0900.089−0.116b0.027
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, mm/H32(8.9)49.9 (28.3–69.0)−0.0700.184−0.0280.594
Prealbumin, mg/L39(10.8)143.6 (84.3–184.8)0.187c<0.0010.104b0.050
Albumin, g/L1(0.3)31.9 (27.6–36.5)0.159c0.0020.108b0.040
Globulin, g/L5(1.4)32.6 (28.9–36.1)0.0140.7950.0490.356
Albumin-globulin ratio5(1.4)1.0 (0.8–1.2)0.105b0.0470.0540.303
Alpha-1 globulin, g/L40(11.1)4.9 (3.7–5.6)−0.122b0.020−0.0770.146
Alpha-2 globulin, g/L40(11.1)7.6 (6.5–8.6)0.0910.0850.141c0.007
Beta-1 globulin, g/L40(11.1)3.7 (3.3–4.1)0.111b0.0360.0580.270
Beta-2 globulin, g/L40(11.1)3.7 (3.2–4.1)0.0340.5140.0630.233
Gamma globulin, g/L40(11.1)13.0 (10.4–14.7)0.0120.8230.0140.797
CD4+ T lymphocytes, cells/μL89(24.7)302.0 (203.0–445.0)0.391c<0.0010.230c<0.001
CD8+ T lymphocytes, cells/μL89(24.7)253.0 (164.0–379.0)0.291c<0.0010.190c<0.001
CD4+ to CD8+ ratio89(24.7)1.2 (0.9–1.7)0.0490.354−0.0420.425
  1. a: Data are presented as the value of variable
  2. b: Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)
  3. c: Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  4. CFP-10 Culture filtrate protein 10 kDa, ESAT-6 Early secreted antigenic target 6 kDa, SFCs Spot-forming cells, SRCC Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient