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Table 3 Descriptions and clinical outcomes of ß-herpesvirus populations positive for ALF of unknown etiology

From: Multiplex qPCR facilitates identification of betaherpesviruses in patients with acute liver failure of unknown etiology

Patient Sample Gender Clinical Outcome ß-Herpesviruses Positive
FHF-3 Liver F Death HHV-6
FHF – 4 Serum F Discharge HHV-6
FHF – 5 Liver M Death HHV-6/HHV-7
FHF – 6 Serum F Discharge HCMV
FHF – 13 Liver F Death HHV-6
FHF – 14 Serum M Discharge HCMV
FHF – 17 Liver F Death HCMV/HHV-6/HHV-7
FHF – 26 Liver M Death HHV-6
FHF – 27 Liver F Discharge HHV-6