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Table 1 Epidemiological survey of close contacts with patients

From: A case report on mother-to-child transmission of Brucella in human, China

ContactsSexAgeAddressOccupationSampling timeOutcomeRelationship with patientComments
1Male53VillageFarmerApril 18thSAT -
Culture -
Husband’s fatherLives with the patients
2Female50VillageFarmerApril 18thSAT -Culture -Husband’s motherLives with the patients
3Male49TownFarmerApril 18thSAT -Culture -Wife’s fatherMeals with the patients
4Female31TownMerchantApril 18thSAT -
Culture -
Wife’s sisterMeals with the patients
5Male4VillageStudentApril 18thSAT -
Culture -
Wife’s sonLives with the patients