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Table 1 Origin and PFGE profiles of 23 Corynebacterium striatum isolates from blood (n = 13) and catheter-related (n = 10) infections

From: Bloodstream and catheter-related infections due to different clones of multidrug-resistant and biofilm producer Corynebacterium striatum

Patient/ Isolation dateIsolatesHospital wardsGenderIsolation siteCulturePFGE profiles a
Aug20092023General ICUbMcBloodPureI
Sept20092038Infectious diseasesFdBloodPureII
Apr20102089General ICUMCatheter tipPureI
Apr20102091Infectious diseasesFBlood+Acinetobacter sp.I
May20102103Infectious diseasesFCatheter tipPureVIII
Feb20112228Cardiac ICUFBloodPureVI
Feb2011;2230;Clinical ICUMBloodPureVI
March20112243General careFBloodPureI
March20112245General ICUMCatheter tipPureI
June20112285General ICUFCentral venous catheterPureI
July20112296HMJ-RJ†MCentral venous catheterNIeVII
Aug20112316OrthopedicMBlood+ CNSgI
Oct20112324PulmonaryFCatheter tip+ CNSIa
Apr20122376Neonatal ICUFCatheter tipPureX
May20122390General careFCatheter tipPureVIa
June20122401Thoracic SurgeryMBloodPureII
Nov20122439General careMCatheter tipPureIb
Feb20132454General careFCatheter tip+ CNS/ KlebsiellaPneumoniaeI
  1. a I- X, PFGE profiles. Previously described non-MDR isolates of PFGE types III and IV were not found in patients with blood and catheter-related infections (Baio et al. 2013); b ICU, intensive care unit; c M, male; dF, female; e NI, Not informed; fHMJ – RJ, Hospital Municipal Jesus - Rio de Janeiro; gCNS, Coagulase-negative staphylococci