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Table 3 Specificity of multiplex influenza RT-LAMP assay in other human infectious viruses

From: Rapid and simple colorimetric detection of multiple influenza viruses infecting humans using a reverse transcriptional loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) diagnostic platform

Virus Number of samples RT-LAMP qRT-PCR
(Ct value)
B H1 H3 H5 H7
HEV 1 31.5
AdV 2 29.08–33.85
PIV 6 18.27–33.41
MPV 5 23.16–37.5
HboV 1 33.25
HRV 5 26.12–34.7
229E 5 19.55–33.48
NL63 3 19.71–23.6
OC43 5 21.24–35.57
RSVA 5 20.27–31.06
RSVB 5 17.18–27.78
MERSa 1 15.9
  1. HEV human enterovirus, AdV adenovirus, PIV parainfluenza virus, MPV human metapneumovirus, HboV human bocavirus, HRV human rhinovirus, 229E human coronavirus 229E, NL63 human coronavirus NL63, OC43 human coronavirus OC43, RSVA respiratory syncytial virus A, RSVB respiratory syncytial virus B, MERS Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
  2. aMERS: spiked sample; Ct: cycle threshold