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Table 2 The characteristics of spatial clusters for CRF01_AE, CRF07_BC, CRF08_BC and URFs

From: Spatial clusters of HIV-1 genotypes in a recently infected population in Yunnan, China

HIV-1 genotypesCountiesRelative riskLog likelihood ratiop-valueObserved cases
TotalHeterosexual contactHomosexual contactIntravenous drug injection
 Primary ClusterDali17.4118.16.4E-07102 (20.0%)8 (80.0%)0
 Secondary ClusterXishan, Jinning, Anning, Hongta, Jiangchuan, Chengjiang5.368.67.0E-03114 (36.4%)7 (63.6%)0
 Primary ClusterWuhua, Panlong, Xishang, Anning3.688.31.4E-02167 (43.8%)7 (43.8%)2 (12.5%)
 Primary ClusterGejiu, Kaiyuan, Mengzi, Pingjian, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Jinping, Hekou, Wenshan, Yanshan, Maguan4.7841.24.4E-166360 (95.2%)1 (1.6%)2 (3.2%)
 Secondary ClusterZhaoyang, Ludian4.2413.01.5E-042018 (90.0%)02 (10.0%)
 Primary ClusterTenchong, Ruili, Mangshi, Lianghe, Yingjiang, Longchuan9.6228.24.1E-112314 (60.9%)09 (39.1%)
 Secondary ClusterKaiyuan, Mengzi, Pingbian, Hekou, Wenshan, Yanshan, Xichou, Maguan, Qiubei3.517.72.4E-021616 (100.0%)00