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Table 4 Meta-regression analysis to determine sources of heterogeneity

From: Diagnostic accuracy of in-house real-time PCR assay for Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Intercept Coefficient P value Relative diagnostic odds ratio (RDOR) 95% confidence interval
Intercept 5.347 0.0000
Threshold (S) 0.169 0.5382
TB high-burden country vs. other country 0.756 0.3056 2.13 (0.46;9.96)
IS6110 vs. other target sequences −0.812 0.2266 0.44 (0.11;1.77)
Cross-sectional design vs. case-control design −0.759 0.5102 0.47 (0.04;5.45)
High-quality level vs moderate/low-quality level 1.175 0.0272 3.24 (1.17;9.00)
Respiratory specimens vs non-respiratory specimens /both 2.262 0.0025 9.60 (2.54;36.25)
  1. High-quality study: a study that had no domain with a high risk of bias and no domain with high applicability concerns; medium/moderate-quality study: a study that had domain with an unclear risk of bias or domain with unclear applicability concerns; low-quality study: a study that had a domain with a high risk of bias and domain with high applicability concerns