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Table 5 Bivariate and multivariate analysis of factors associated with HCV spontaneous clearance

From: Hepatitis C virus infection status and associated factors among a multi-site sample of people who used illicit drugs in the Amazon region

Factors HCV spontaneous clearance
Bivariate OR (95% CI) Multivariate aOR (95% CI)
 Brazilian + Non-Brazilian – Not born in the Amazon region 1.00 1.00
 Brazilian – Born in the Amazon region 8.84 (3.75–19.81) 7.43 (2.54–18.72)
 White 1.00 1.00
 Non-White 1.80 (1.22–2.71) 2.02 (1.28–3.11)
  1. Factors not associated with HCV spontaneous clearance can be accessed in Additional file 1: Table S1. OR Odds Ratio, aOR Adjusted Odds Ratio, 95% CI 95% Confidence interval