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Table 2 Correlation among PM2.5 and PM10, CT values of bacteria and fungi, CFUs, and ATP content

From: Evaluation of the complexity of indoor air in hospital wards based on PM2.5, real-time PCR, adenosine triphosphate bioluminescence assay, microbial culture and mass spectrometry

  CT values of fungi PM2.5 PM10 ATP content CFUs of bacteria CFUs of fungi
CT values of bacteria 0.587 −0.657a −0.558 − 0.743a −0.615 0.219
CT values of fungi −0.608 −0.157
PM2.5 −0.666a 0.969b 0.759a 0.792b 0.100
PM10 0.777b 0.162
ATP content −0.587 0.595 0.016
CFUs of bacteria −0.388 0.692a 0.169
  1. aSignificant correlation at 0.05 level (bilateral);
  2. bSignificantly related at 0.01 level (bilateral)