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Table 2 Differentially expressed genes relevant for DENV control

From: Using genetic variation in Aedes aegypti to identify candidate anti-dengue virus genes

Accession number Gene name Function Direction of regulation
AAEL001022 smp-30/regucalcin Senescence marker protein, Ca2+ binding domain Down
AAEL001392 defensin A-assoc Immunity (TOLL, Imd) Down/Up
AAEL002413 sphingomyelin Component of cellular membranes, reshuffling of which is important for virus intake Down
AAEL003619 Putative Na/Cl transporter Down
AAEL003787 Nopo Zinc finger, ubiquitination Up
AAEL004361 alpha-glucosidase Molecule that mediates glycolysis, essential for virus replication Down
AAEL007845 Rab5 Involved in endocytic trafficking of DENV
AAEL008108 GB76c Transmembrane signalling molecule, GTPase activity Down
AAEL009770 SUMOE2 Involved in sumoylation, process that stabilizes NS5 for replication Up
AAEL011375 trypsin Serine protease; effects of this kind of proteins are well described in the midgut Down
AAEL011566 Putative adhesion molecule Down
AAEL014108 aquaporin Water transporter Down
  1. This summary table shows accession numbers, gene names, function and patterns of expression across families for those genes likely involved in DENV control