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Table 1 Drug-resistance markers analyzed in the two high-throughput microbead-based assays

From: Genomic characterization of MDR/XDR-TB in Kazakhstan by a combination of high-throughput methods predominantly shows the ongoing transmission of L2/Beijing 94–32 central Asian/Russian clusters

DR Markers assesed TB-SPRINT TB-SNPID
rpoB_176_mut   x
rpoB_516_GAC_wt x  
rpoB_516_GTC_mut1 x x
rpoB_516_TAC_mut2 x  
rpoB_522   x
rpoB_526_CAC_wt x  
rpoB_526_TAC_mut1 x x
rpoB_526_GAC_mut2 x x
rpoB_531_TCG_wt x x
rpoB_531_TTG_mut1 x  
rpoB_531_TGG_mut2 x  
katG_315_AGC_wt x x
katG_315_ACC_mut1 x  
katG_315_AAC_mut2 x  
inhA_-15_C_wt x  
inhA_-15_T_mut1 x  
inhA_-8_A_mut1 x  
gyrA_90-91_GCGTCG_wt   x
gyrA 94_wt_GAC   x
rrs 1401_wt_A   x
rrs1402_wt_C   x
eis_(−10A)_CACAA   x
eis_(−14 T)_TACAG   x
rpsl-43   x
rpsl-88   x
rplC-460   x
Reference Gomgnimbou et al. 2012; Gomgnimbou et al. 2013 Bergval et al. 2012; Sengstake et al. 2014