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Table 3 Details of items used for evaluating the per patient cost of Mo-STNPCR

From: A highly sensitive modified nested PCR to enhance case detection in leishmaniasis

Major steps of Mo-STNPCR Considered items for per patient cost analysis of Mo-STNPCR
Sample collection Sample collection tubes and other materials required for sample collection
DNA extraction DNA extraction kits for sample, positive control and negative control
PCR procedure PCR water, 2XPCR Taq master mix (abm, G013), outer primers (P221 and P332) and inner primer (P223 and P333), bromophenol blue
PCR product analysis Gel running buffer, ethidium bromide, agarose
Other consumables and reagents Micro-centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, pipette tips, phosphate buffered saline, issuing laboratory reports