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Table 2 Genotyping calls of infection as recrudescent or new infection based on one or more markers. PCR-corrected treatment outcomes based on MSP-2 or all six molecular markers

From: Comparison on simultaneous capillary and venous parasite density and genotyping results from children and adults with uncomplicated malaria: a prospective observational study in Uganda

  Marker Capillary-Capillary Capillary-Venous Venous-Venous Venous-Capillary
% Recrudescence (n) MSP- 2 alone 19% (9) 30% (14) 25%(12) 27% (13)
All 6 markers 5.8% (3) 4% (2) 2% (1) 4% (2)
  1. Genotyping calls based on MSP-2 alone or all six markers, in the four possible compartment combinations on day 0 and day of failure. There is a high degree of variability in genotyping calls between pairs of samples from each compartment using MSP-2 alone, although the variability is reduced with the use of multiple markers