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Table 2 Results of Exploratory Factor Analysis (n = 253)

From: Chinese health literacy scale for tuberculosis patients: a study on development and psychometric testing

Items Factors
1 2 3 4
Factor 1 (F1): Remembering 1 (Words for TB-related drug names and main symptoms, 10 items)
 A11 Rifampicin .742    
 A3 Cough with blood .727    
 A2 Expectoration .709    
 A12 Bloody sputum .673    
 A4 Fever .640    
 A14 Respiratory infectious disease .629    
 A10 Isoniazid .626    
 A9 Tuberculosis .549    
 A16 Chemotherapy of tuberculosis .513    
 A1 Cough .453    
Factor 2 (F2): Remembering 2 (Words for TB-related treatment and care adherence, 6 items)
 A8 Follow up   .755   
 A7 Reexamination   .743   
 A13 Sputum examination   .723   
 A15 Close contact check   .676   
 A6 Misses a dose   .568   
 A5 Night sweats   .497   
Factor 3 (F3): Understanding and Applying (Contexts for TB-related treatment and follow-up, 6 items)
 B14 If you go for the follow-up on April 16, 2017, what time should you leave your night sputum?    .608  
 B10 If there is a confirmed smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients, what should he do with his own sputum?    .603  
 B8 If a patient receiving an anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy has nausea and vomiting during the medication, but has not yet reviewed the time, what should the patient do?    .556  
 B5 If you run out of drugs on April 12, 2017, what time should you go to the hospital to review and receive the medicine?    .541  
 B7 If a patient who has received anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy for two months, his tuberculosis symptoms have basically disappeared, may he be able to reduce or disable the drug?    .539  
 B9 Assume a smear-positive tuberculosis patients, his family appears the symptoms of coughing, sputum, etc., do you think his family should go to the hospital for further examination?    .463  
Factor 4 (F4): Analysing (Ability for TB patients to calculate and analyze, 7 items)
 B2 How many times should you take your medication every day?     .667
 B4 How long this drug could be taken?     .643
 B1 If you have a breakfast at 7:00 and should take the medication before a meal, what time do you have to take the medication?     .575
 B11 Assume a patient who is in an infectious phase, could you tell me which of the following is wrong with him?     .570
 B12 How many times do you need to check your sputum during the treatment of tuberculosis?     .564
 B3 If your weight is 60 kg, how many tablets should you take each time?     .550
 B13 If you are the first treatment of tuberculosis patients, what first time should you send sputum to review?     .447
 Eigenvalues 4.672 3.894 3.185 2.898
 % of variance 15.070 12.562 10.274 9.347
 Cumulative% 15.070 27.632 37.906 47.254