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Table 1 The basic information of seven couples

From: The inference of HIV-1 transmission direction between HIV-1 positive couples based on the sequences of HIV-1 quasi-species

Code Sex Diagnosis date The history of extramarital sex behavior Ethnic group
3 Female Feb 22,2011 No Han
male Jan 27,2011 Yes Han
7 Female Mar 20,2013 Yes Dai
male Mar 20,2013 Yes Han
8 Female Sep 18,2013 No Han
male Sep 23,2013 Yes Han
9 Female Feb 28,2013 No Han
male Jan 22,2013 Yes Han
10 Female Nov 15,2013 No Han
male Oct 24,2013 Yes Han
12 Female Jan 2,2104 No Han
male Sep 1,2014 Intravenous drug user Han
13 Female Dec31,2014 No Han
male Dec31,2014 Yes Han