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Fig. 2

From: Core encoding sequences of Hepatitis C virus in Ghanaian blood donors are predominantly mosaics of different genotype 2 strains and cannot distinguish subtypes

Fig. 2

Evolutionary relationship analyses of Ghanaian HCV isolates Phylogenetic analyses of HCV core-encoding region, performed by comparison of Ghanaian isolates with representative nucleotide sequences from all seven clades. The evolutionary history was inferred using neighbour-joining method; and the evolutionary distances were computed using Kimura 2-parameter method. Bootstrap scores were calculated from 1000 replicate analyses and values exceeding 700 (70%) are shown at tree nodes. The tree displays Ghanaian HCV isolates clustered under genotype 2, which are represented by coloured circles (blue); and subtype reference isolates, represented by the subtype (summarized to display only genotype, in the case of 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and isolate name. The scale represents number of nucleotide substitutions per site. HCV genotype 7a isolate EF108306 was used as outgroup. Evolutionary analyses were conducted in MEGA7. The branch leading to the group of Ghanaian isolates is 100% supported. The analyses show that the Ghanaian HCV isolates belong to single, unique phylogenetic group within HCV genotype 2 cluster. GH - Ghana

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