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Table 3 Association between intestinal parasitosis and anemia among pregnant women from Wondo Genet district, Southern Ethiopia, 2018

From: Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection and its association with anemia among pregnant women in Wondo Genet district, Southern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Intestinal parasitosis (n = 349) Anemia COR AORa
Yes No
Yes 75 60 6.39 (3.89–10.50)* 6.14(2.04–18.45)*
No 35 179 1 1
  1. aAdjusted for age, educational status, place of residence, family size, monthly income, birth interval, parity, history of deworming in the last 6 months, iron supplementation during the pregnancy, feeding pattern during pregnancy (as usual or more than usual), receiving nutritional counseling during pregnancy, MUAC and toilet ownership
  2. *Statistical significant assocatin at p-value of 0.05