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Table 1 Identification and drug susceptibility results

From: Spinal epidural abscess caused by Pasteurella multocida mimicking aortic dissection: a case report

Pasteurella multocida
  MIC (μg/ml) Susceptibility
Ampicillin <=2 S
Piperacillin <=4 S
Sulbactam/Ampicillin <=2 S
Tazobactam/Piperacillin <=4 S
Cefazoin <=4 S
Ceftazidime <=1 S
Ceftriaxone <=1 S
Cefepime <=1 S
Cefmetazole <=1 S
Aztreonam <=1 S
Imipenem <=0.25 S
Meropenem <=0.25 S
Amikacin 4 S
Tobramycin <=1 S
Ciprofloxacin <=0.25 S
Levofloxacin <=0.12 S
Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim <=20 S
  1. The test was performed using the Vitek2 system (GN and AST-N228 card, bioMérieux). Gram-negative bacilli were identified as Pasteurella multocida. The organism was susceptible to all antimicrobials tested. S: susceptible