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Table 5 Health Belief Model Construct

From: “It depends how one understands it:” a qualitative study on differential uptake of oral cholera vaccine in three compounds in Lusaka, Zambia

HBM Construct Major Data themes 0 Dose 2 Doses
Perceived Susceptibility Cholera can strike anyone, anywhere being airborne and waterborne + ++
I can protect myself against cholera ++  
Perceived severity Cholera is a killer disease ++ ++
Cholera is fast ++ ++
Perceived benefits Less sick persons after the first OCV round + ++
OCV seems safe + ++
There are absolutely no side effects   +
Perceived barriers Cholera is air & water borne, can OCV work? +  
Vaccine is not serious, for children +  
No statistical evidence on OCV safety +  
There are mild side effects among vaccinated ++  
Absent during campaign ++  
Lack information on OCV to decide +  
The vaccination post was out of doses +  
The queues were long ++ +
I avoid drugs in general +  
Taste is (said to be) bad ++ +
Taste makes you want to vomit ++ +
Overcome barrier: You get used to the taste   +
Overcome barrier: Medicine is not supposed to taste good   +
Cues to action Social influence (family, neighbors) +  
Requests Home visits, door to door campaign +  
Requests Longer campaigns (number of days) + +
Self-efficacy I may be absent during the campaign hours +  
No need for OCV if following WASH recommendations. +  
  1. + Consistent and ++ very consistent with datum
  2. 0 D: Participants who took no OCV doses2D: Partcipants who took both OCV doses