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Table 4 Multiple logistic regression of chlamydia against selected patient characteristics

From: Risk factors associated with gonorrhea and chlamydia transmission in selected health facilities in Ghana

  Female Model, N = 500
odds Ratio(95% CI) P-value
Age group(years)
 18–24 1(ref)  
 32–38 0.5(0.2–1.4) 0.156
Marital status
 Married 0.4(0.2–0.9) 0.032
Use of condom
 Never 1(ref)  
 On most occasion 0.5(0.2–1.4) 0.197
 Always 0.3(0.1–1.1) 0.078
Having more than one sexual partner in the past month
 Yes 2.3(0.7–7.3) 0.159
 No 1(ref)