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Table 1 Assignment of VZV sequences to clades based on single nucleotide polymorphisms within ORF 22 and ORF 62 [13]. Only one example per nucleotide pattern and location is shown, the total number is given in brackets behind the strain name; na = not available;? = could not be attributed; European Nucleotide Archive accession numbers: LT984492- LT984535

From: Varicella zoster and fever rash surveillance in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Strain ORF 22 ORF 62 Clade
37,902 38,055 38,081 38,177 107,136 107,165
VZVs/Houitone.LAO/53.14/V[2] (n = 3) G C C A T T 2
VZVs/Vientiane.LAO/3.15/V[5] (n = 2) A T C G T T 5
VZVs/Vientiane.LAO/6.15/V[2] (n = 14) G C C na T T 2
VZVs/Vientiane.LAO/7.15/V[2] G C C A T T 2
VZVs/Vientiane.LAO/7.15/V (n = 2) A Y C R T T ?