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Table 2 Patients tested positive on NIMCU during POST-OV

From: Overcrowding in a neonatal intermediate care unit: impact on the incidence of multidrug-resistant gram-negative organisms

Patienta Sex MDRGN species Mode of acquisition
A m Escherichia coli ESBL vertical
F f Enterobacter cloacae Ceph vertical (OV)
G m Enterobacter cloacae Ceph nosocomial
Htwin1 m Citrobacter freundii Ceph vertical
Htwin2 m Citrobacter freundii Ceph
Acinetobacter baumannii
I m Escherichia coli ESBL vertical
J m Escherichia coli ESBL/FQ vertical
  1. anumbered consecutively. Abbreviations: m male, f female, Ceph resistance to 3rd/4th generation cephalosporin, ESBL extended spectrum beta-lactamase, ESBL/FQ ESBL + resistance to fluoroquinolones