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Table 7 GTMP Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene indicators. Responses are classified as improved where marked with X

From: Understanding the spatial distribution of trichiasis and its association with trachomatous inflammation—follicular

S1) Where do you and other adults in the household usually defecate?
number of households reporting that adults living in the household defecate in either a shared public latrine or a private latrine / number of households enrolled in the survey
1) Shared or public latrine X
2) Private latrine X
3) No structure, outside near the house  
4) No structure, in the bush or field  
9) Other  
S2) Improved latrine: What kind of toilet facility do the adults in the household use? Observed.
number of households where an improved latrine is observed / number of households enrolled in the survey
1) Flush/pour flush to piped sewer system X
2) Flush/pour flush to septic tank X
3) Flush/pour flush to pit latrine X
4) Flush/pour flush to open drains  
5) Flush/pour flush to unknown place X
6) Ventilated improved pit latrine (VIP) X
7) Pit latrine with slab X
8) Pit latrine without slab/open pit  
9) Composting toilet X
10) Bucket  
11) Hanging toilet/hanging latrine  
12) No facilities or bush or field  
99) Other  
H3) Improved Water source: In the dry season, what is the main source of water used by your household for washing faces?
number of households reporting to access improved water sources / number of households enrolled in the survey
1) Piped water into dwelling X
2) Piped water into yard/pot X
3) Public tap/standpipe X
4) Tubewell/borehole X
5) Protected dug well X
6) Unprotected dug well  
7) Protected spring X
8) Unprotected spring  
9) Rainwater collection X
10) Water vendor  
11) Surface water (e.g. river, dam, lake, canal)  
99) Other  
H4) Wash near: Washing water: If you collected water there to bring back to the house, how long does it take to go there, get water, and come back?
number of households reporting access to improved water sources and those water sources are on the premises / number of households enrolled in the survey
0) All face washing done at the water source  
1) Water source in the yard X
2) Less than 30 min  
3) Between 30 min and 1 h  
4) More than 1 h