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Table 1 Pyrazinamide susceptibility testing by pncA gene mutation compared to conventional phenotypic MGIT methodology (N = 91*)

From: Underestimated pyrazinamide resistance may compromise outcomes of pyrazinamide containing regimens for treatment of drug susceptible and multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in Tanzania

  MGIT PZA Resistant MGIT PZA Susceptible Sens (95% CI) Spec (95% CI) NPV (95% CI) PPV (95% CI)
25 14 64.1 (47.18–78.8%) 94.23 (84.05–98.79%) 77.78 (69.59–84.26%) 89.29 (73.05–96.24%)
pncAwildtype 3 49     
  1. MGIT mycobacterial growth indicator tube, PZA pyrazinamide, NPV negative predictive value, CI confidence interval, PPV positive predictive value
  2. *Of these 91, 22 underwent additional Sanger sequencing of pncA gene (21 MGIT susceptible and 1 MGIT resistant). 6 carried the silent mutation Ser65Ser, 1 hadpncA mutation reported previously to be associated with resistance (Leu35Arg), and 14 were wild type including the one isolate with MGIT resistance