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Table 3 Comparison of Sensitivity and Specificity of Anti-CCHF Human IgG ELISA assay (NIV kit) versus Gold standard test (Vector Best Kit, Russia)

From: Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever serosurvey in humans for identifying high-risk populations and high-risk areas in the endemic state of Gujarat, India

Anti-CCHF IgG positive and negative samples tested by Vector Best kit, Russia Total number of samples tested by both the kits Anti-CCHF Human IgG ELISA (NIV kit)
IgG antibody Positive IgG antibody Negative
CCHF IgG Positive 7 6 1
CCHF IgG Negative 129 2 127
Total 136 8 128
  1. Anti-CCHF Human IgG ELISA (NIV kit) Sensitivity =85.7%
  2. Anti-CCHF Human IgG ELISA (NIV kit) Specificity =98.44%