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Table 4 Costs of ancillary monitoring tests and DR-TB medications in USD

From: Cost of three models of care for drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Nigeria

  Cost per Unit
Ancillary monitoring tests
 Audiometry 31.65
 Kidney function tests (E, U, Cr) 21.04
 Thyroid Function Test 62.18
 Urinalysis 2.69
 Liver Function Test 22.26
 Fasting Blood Sugar 4.85
 Chest X-Ray 10.92
 HIV Test 6.33
 Pregnancy test 2.85
DR-TB medications
 Capreomycin 1 g (per vial) 4.7
 Amikacin 500 mg (per vial) 0.62
 Cycloserine 250 mg (per capsule) 0.29
 Ethambutol 400 mg (per tab) 0.03
 Prothionamide 250 mg (per tab) 0.07
 Kanamycin 1 g vial (per vial) 0.24
 Levofloxacin 250 mg (per caplet) 0.03
 Pyrazinamide 400 mg (per tab) 0.02
 Pyrazinamide 500 mg (per tab) 0.03
 Pyridoxin 10 mg (per tab) 0.03
  1. Cr creatinine, DR-TB drug resistant tuberculosis, DST drug susceptibility testing, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, E electrolytes, U urea
  2. The cost of audiometric testing was obtained from the financial reports of three treatment centers. For C-Xrays, chemistry and hematology tests, the actual costs were obtained from five commercial laboratories and averaged. The drug costs were based on the Global Drug Facility price list