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Table 2 Detection of Dengue virus RNA in different tissue samples obtained at necropsy examination and respective gross and microscopic changes in tissues of fatal cases of dengue

From: Heart and liver are infected in fatal cases of dengue: three PCR based case studies

Tissue Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
  PCR Macroscopy PCR Histology PCR Histology
Brain   + Normal Normal
Lungs + Congested, Haemorrhagic * Congested capillaries + Pulmonary oedema, capillary congestion in interstitium
Heart + Petechial haemorrages + Interstitial oedema with infiltration of neutrophils and lymphocytes + Marked interstitial oedema, lymphocytic infiltration in endomyseum
Liver + Congested + Extensive haemorrhagic necrosis + Submassive necrosis, haemorrhagic necrosis
Kidney +   + Acute tubular necrosis Acute tubular necrosis
Spleen   Expansion of red pulp, extravasations of red cells Expansion of red pulp with haemorrhage
Adrenal gland *   *   + Early autolysis
Pancreas *   *   + Early autolysis
Intestines +   *    
Muscles *   + Occasional fibre necrosis, inflammation +  
Skin +   *   *  
Blood +   *   *  
  1. (+) detection of dengue (DEN 2) RNA in tissues, (−-) Dengue RNA not detected, (*) Not tested as tissues samples were not available. In Case 1, histology of tissues were not done