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Table 1 Summary of important clinical and laboratory data of 3 fatal cases of dengue with the list of complications

From: Heart and liver are infected in fatal cases of dengue: three PCR based case studies

Description of case Clinical status on admission and subsequently Investigations Complications Duration of illness from onset to death
No Age/Gender Test Results
1 34 / M Fever 3 days WBC 3.5 × 109/l Persistent hypotension 5 days
Postural giddiness Platelets 28 × 109/l Fluid overload
Cold peripheries Creatinine 193 μmol/l Pulmonary oedema
BP: 80/50 mmHg CRP 320 mg/l Left ventricular-
Pulse rate 98/min ALT 73 U/L hypokinesia
Convulsions AST 98 U/L Hypoxaemia
Assisted ventilation Troponin I 0.29 ng/ml Sepsis
  PH 7.1 Lactic acidosis
  Pco2 44 mmHg Bleeding
  PaO2 61 mmHg Renal failure
2 36/M Type 2 diabetes WBC 3.7 × 109/l Erratic critical phase 6 days
Fever 3 days Platelets 34 × 109/l Undue tachycardia
BP 130/80 mmHg Creatinine 82.5 μmol/l Hypotension
Pulse rate 90/min Blood sugar 233 mg/dl Fulminant hepatic
Critical phase on ALT (day- 3) 383 U/L failure
4th day with pleural effusion, tachycardia and low BP 100 mmHg Melaena, Reduced urine out put    (day-4) 4905 U/L GI- bleeding
AST (day-3) 463 U/L Acute kidney injury
  (day-4) 9371 U/L Lactic acidosis
INR (day-5) > 5  
PH (day-5) 7.32  
3 40/F Bronchial asthma WBC 8.2 × 109/l Profound shock on 6 days
Fever 4 days Platelet 28 × 109/l admission
Vomiting, shock HCt 37 Pleural effusions
Cold peripheries Creatinine 84 μmol/l Fulminant hepatic
BP – un-recordable Albumin 30.8 g/l failure
Pulse-108/ min ALT(day-4) 1365 U/L Encephalopathy
US-Ab: fluid leak    (day-7) 2590 U/L
Abdominal pain AST (day-4) 2999 U/L
Melaena Confusion    (day-5) 6812 U/L