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Table 3 My suggested future experiments. Own work

From: Cross-reactive dengue virus-derived monoclonal antibodies to Zika virus envelope protein: Panacea or Pandora’s box?

Aims In Vitro In Vivo
Utilise a known DENV mAb to create a vaccine that can neutralise both DENV and ZIKV. Use RVPs to conduct studies in Raji DC-SIGNR and U937 cells to investigate whether DENV and ZIKV stoichiometry determines the quantitative relationship between neutralisation and ADE. Create a VLP using the EDE1 region to which C10 mAbs are directed to test protection against ZIKV and DENV challenge in a suitable immunocompetent mouse model.
Examine the nature of cross-reactive serum using physiologically relevant antibody titres at varying incubation periods. Explore the multiple hit hypothesis with immune sera to observe the effects of antibodies binding to multiple antigens. Use molecular modelling and reporter GFP expression in RVPs to measure neutralisation. Investigate whether ADE by convalescent serum aids the trans-placental transfer of ZIKV in mouse models.